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Welcome To The Future: The Next Generation of Roofing Industries

For the past couple of years, the clamor to conserve energy and reduce waste grows louder every year. Movie houses seem to show movies on environmental disasters every year. Awareness documentaries on the state of our planet are also at its peak production, hoping that maybe, this would compel people to take action.

With the release of United Nation’s SDG goals for the year 2030, companies here and there are pushed to also try to find ways to help lessen waste by encouraging people to use metal straws or paper straws, use products that decompose in a matter of days, and use less plastic products.

With the help of technology, roofing industries and manufacturers are now capable of producing roofing materials that help promote this cause. This feature may not be as readily available as other alternative options, but here are some reasons why sustainable roof shingles will be the next big thing and take over the future of roofing industries.

The same but better

With the same goal of producing quality and durable roof materials, roofing industries make sure that these sustainable roofings would act like any other roof—keep its residents safe and dry.

But there’s more than what meets the eye.

Each type of sustainable roofing has its own purpose in giving back to the environment.

Technology-enhanced for conscious living

Architectural Composite Shingles
Architectural composite shingles are made out of polymers and fiberglass that mimic wood and slate shingles. This type of shingles does not only look good aesthetically, but it is also more durable and made out of lighter materials.

Solar Shingles
Solar shingles are enhanced with technology that harnesses and optimizes the energy coming from the sun that helps cut costs on electricity.

Cool Roof
Cool roof shingles on the other hand help lessen the production of CO2 by reflecting the heat from the sun and, at the same time, cool down the house.

Recycled and recyclable options

The call to produce less and use more of the materials already available has been answered by several roofing manufacturers as well.

Synthetic Shingles
Synthetic shingles are made from recycled products and are also recyclable. Some of these synthetic shingles can also be fireproof, which, of course, would depend if a homeowner wants it to be. If properly maintained, these are also expected to last a lifetime.

Corrugated Roofing
Corrugated roofing shingles have the capability to withstand any harsh climate and weather, made out of lighter material and are easy to fix when damaged.
Shingle Roof from Recycled Materials
A more affordable option, this type of roof is made out of plastic, wood fiber, and rubber. This type of roofing is the best alternative for people who hope to support the movement but could only afford as much. This roofing can last up to 50 years if maintained properly.

Go green living

One other cause to have clean air and plant more has been resolved as well. Most, if not all, roofing industries offer green roofing. This type of roofing has to be installed with much care and needs constant maintenance. If you have a green thumb, you would definitely enjoy cultivating greens and plants on your roof with this.

The cost of these sustainable roofings are more expensive than regular kinds, but if you’re looking forward to conserving energy and at the same time, thinking of its impact on the environment, it’s best to invest in one starting today.

Giving back to the environment—one roof at a time

Different types of industries try to look for solutions and offer these options to help give back to the environment. With these varying array of options, everyone is responsible for each and every action they make that can either help save the environment or worsen it.

Roofing industries try to have these options readily available as well. Production may not be as quick and easy as the regular types of roofings, but keeping the goal in mind—to help give back to the environment and yet still produce quality and durable roofing—one choice can go a long way.

And this starts with you.

Imagine the impact if each and every person makes an effort to decide and choose consciously.

Imagine the impact if each and every homeowner decides to invest in sustainable roofing.

Imagine the impact if roofing industries answer the demand of homeowners and companies alike for sustainable roofing.

Imagine the state of what our planet can be, in a few years’ time.

So if you want to start living consciously starting with your new home or by having your roof re-installed or need roof maintenance for your sustainable roofing, get instant access to our list of expert roofing contractors here or email us at [email protected]

Here’s to the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle!

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Last modified: July 22, 2019