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The Top 5 Infamous Roof Problems and How to Prevent Them

Whether you’re looking forward to having your own home, a new homeowner or have been living in your own home for several years, there’s one thing that you should know that you can never avoid: roof problems.

Regardless if it’s newly installed, your roof is prone to wear and tear just like any material, and if it’s not given the proper care and maintenance, you are bound to experience these problems sooner rather than later:

The most common and infamous of all—minor damages can arise from heavy rain, wind, hail, snow, and other debris, and if it’s not taken care of right away, this may lead to leaks, discoloration of ceilings, mold, and rot.

Pooling water and Clogged Drainage
Poor drainage systems or build-up of debris are the common causes of this problem. Houses with flat rooftops also experience this more often than the rest. If neglected, the condition of your roof will deteriorate and rot faster than expected.

Punctures and Holes
Mostly caused by weather and wildlife, punctures and holes in the roof can lead to moisture underneath shingles and tiles. If left unattended, this will lead to the early rotting of roof material.

Shrinkage, Blistering, and Cracking
The triple threat. These three problems more or less go together. It starts when the roof material, the membrane underneath the shingles or tiles, shrinks, which then leads to blistering and cracking of your roof’s surface.

Environmental Casualties
Whether it’s tree branches falling on your roof or simply scratching the surface of your roof, snow and ice melting and freezing underneath your shingles, rodents and birds residing on your rooftop, these seemingly minor casualties can lead to bigger problems if not managed right away.

The two main culprits: Poor installation and poor maintenance
Building a home can be overwhelming—mentally and financially. With no control over the price fluctuation of materials needed, cost-cutting is the usual path people take in order to keep the construction going.

People with a bigger budget, however, can afford to wait it out. But there are cases wherein the longer it took for a project to finish, some companies result in doing shortcuts and quick fixes just to get the job done and move on to the next project. This, unfortunately, is also out of the hands of the new homeowners.

Cost-cutting, shortcuts, quick fixes are all under poor installation. One can only imagine the amount of time and money to do a roof do-over, which is why most people end up spending on maintenance instead.

Consistent maintenance will definitely not fix the problems that have already been there in the first place, but it will help prevent common roof problems that homeowners experience every now and then.

Houses with quality roof installation, on the other hand, have it better than most. Quality installation assures a longer life expectancy for your roof, but just as we mentioned, your roof is still prone to wear and tear. A quality-installed roof with poor maintenance will cost just like the same as having a poorly installed roof with the monthly inspection and maintenance.

So before you shrug off your roofing company’s suggestions and recommendations of scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance, think of how long you plan on living in your own home with your family and the generation after that and decide if it’s worth the risk—besides, they’re just professional suggestions and recommendations.

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Last modified: July 22, 2019