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Smart Roof Design: Solar Powered Skylights

Technological advancements are rapidly growing today. This is thanks to advanced research and consumerism. From smartphones and smart television sets, we are now also leaning into an age of smart homes and establishments.

Smart homes and establishments are equipped with different features that make the home or establishment an innovation that’s way ahead of its time. These include doors, CCTV systems, kitchens, and even bathrooms per se.

Joining the train of advanced technological designs of homes and establishments are roofing systems. Besides the usual solar panels, different types of shingles, and green roofs – there are now roofing designs that feature solar-powered skylight that could be a potential prospect in advancing the designs of your homes or establishments.


Skylights are clear window panels installed on roofs. They add a pleasingly aesthetic look to roofs, especially when viewed from the interior of the establishment or house.

With a clear panel design and finish, skylights allow light, heat, and solar energy to enter homes and establishments. This is an efficient way to reduce energy consumption and has become a popular choice among homeowners. It also makes you able to experience nature in the comfort of your home.

Most skylight designs are fixed. They cannot be opened nor shaded. Skylights also require insulation to be weather sealed so as to protect the interior of the home or establishment from different weather elements.

By design, skylights aren’t perfect. They could cause inconvenience at times where it’s too bright or too warm. With skylights being mostly fixed, they do not offer the same option to let air flow by opening it as opposed to windows.


A Danish company that specializes in roof windows and skylights came up with a solution to the usual skylight problem. By designing a solar-powered skylight, a homeowner or establishment can now choose to electronically open and close skylights without having the need for running a wiring system on their roofs (which proves to be costly and tedious).

VELUX introduced a design that fixes the common problems skylights face through their Solar Powered Skylights. The solar-powered skylight now can open and close via remote control. This equips users to have full liberty in opening and closing their skylights. The mechanism to which it opens and closes sources its energy from the solar panels installed within the skylight, which makes the solar-powered skylight a sustainable option.

Leakage is another common problem VELUX solved. The solar-powered skylight comes with an installation to ensure that leaks and other weather elements won’t get through the skylight. Besides the insulation that guarantees no leakage, these skylights are also equipped with a rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight. It is a very handy feature, especially in areas where the weather is unpredictable — or just in case you forget to close your skylights.

Another added option that VELUX provided are add-on blinds to their solar-powered skylights. This add-on allows homeowners and establishments to control the blinds, thus controlling the amount of light that comes in.


Like every advanced technological design, the price would be one of the factors to consider. A new solar-powered skylight alone would cost anywhere around $2,700 – $3,500 (including labor and installation). This does not include the blinds. For a price-sensitive consumer, this might be a deal-breaker as the cost for the product is quite an investment.

Although the initial price might come off as big, solar-powered skylight falls under “renewable technologies” and “solar electric properties”. This means that you are awarded a 30% federal tax credit (applies to the USA only).

Another thing to consider is the cleaning and maintenance of solar-powered skylights. Due to its design and structure, the solar-powered skylight can get dirty and build condensation – which is unsightly. Cleaning it would be a challenge as well because it’s up high on your roof.

Planning to install it on your own if you cannot avail of the installation services might not also be an option. The size and dimensions of the solar-powered skylight are factors that need careful consideration. It would take time and effort, partnered with knowledge about skylights and roofing, to make it work.

For areas that are visited by heavy snowfall, it is again not the best option. The process of installing a solar-powered skylight might change the landscape of your roof. This needs careful consideration as it could jeopardize your safety during heavy snowfall season.

Overall, solar skylights can be a valuable addition to a smart home or establishment. Besides its aesthetically pleasing appearance and charming function, it is also a sustainable option when building or upgrading your home or establishment. There are also evident benefits of installing solar-powered skylights that could outweigh the initial investment needed.

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Last modified: August 17, 2019