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Know Your Shingles: An Overlook on the Different Types of Shingle Materials

Are you currently house hunting? Or maybe you’re planning on investing in a new house for business purposes?

As much as it’s important to know how many rooms a house has or the kind of equipment installed in it is, it’s also vital to know its overall value. And one of the things that you can base its value on is the type of material used on the roof.

Why is that, you may ask?

The material used on the roof is capable of determining how durable it is and how long it can last. It can only surprise you how costly roof repairs and refurbishing can be when it’s already staring at you in the face.

So before you say “YES!” to the house, here’s an overlook on the different types of materials used for residential houses.

Affordable roof shingles materials

Asphalt Roof Shingles
The most common type of roof shingles.

Asphalt roof shingles are often used for 3 tab shingles or architectural shingles. The key differences between the two are its look and its cost.

The asphalt 3 tab shingle is the most affordable type but is thinnest and the easiest to wear out. It looks exactly like its name—a flat tab. It’s the most common type of asphalt shingle used in residential homes.

The architectural shingle, on the other hand, is composed of two asphalt shingle laminated together to mimic wood shake roofing. It’s more costly compared to the 3 tab shingle, but it is expected to last longer than its counterpart.

Composite Roof Shingles
Or also known as synthetic roof shingles.

These are made out of various types of materials used to mimic different types of shingles such as asphalt, wood, and tile shingles. Due to its mixture of different types of materials, it is expected to be affordable, durable, and long-lasting.

Sustainable roof shingles materials

Solar Roof Shingles
New to the game of roof shingles, solar roof shingles are enhanced with photovoltaic cells that can make it look and act like any type of shingle—but with the capability to transform the energy from the sun to electricity that can be used to power a house.

Now that more and more roofing manufacturers are taking interest in this, solar roof shingles can also withstand harsh winds and hail.

Cool Roof Shingles
Designed to keep the house cool, these shingles can reflect most of the heat given off by the sun. This type of shingle can also help reduce utility bills and air-conditioner usage.

It used to come in white-colored shingles, but with technology, it can now come in different colors and shades.

Clay Roof Shingles
Another type of roof shingle that can keep a house cool is the clay roof shingle. It is also known as the architectural terracotta clay tiles—tiles that are made out of earth and water and shaped before baking.

The most valuable type of clay roof shingles is handmade ones. These types of roof shingles can also last for generations if maintained properly.

Rubber Roof Shingles
Made out of mainly recycled rubber tires, rubber roof shingles are said to be durable and can withstand harsh weather.

Manufacturers often create these shingles and make them look like asphalt, wood, and slate shingles.

Plastic Roof Shingles
Probably the most affordable roof shingle out in the market, the plastic roof shingle is made out of recycled plastic and other materials that are often thrown out. This type of material is not expected to last long compared to other shingle materials.

Valuable roof shingles materials

Metal Roof Shingles
From its usual flat panel or corrugated standing seam, the metal roofing has finally arrived in shingle type. These days it can come in different styles, sizes, and colors.

It’s well-known for its ability to withstand harsh weather and fire-proof material. Most houses located in heavy snow would find this type of shingle very valuable since it is capable of shedding snow easily.

Concrete Roof Shingles
Made out of portland cement, sand and water is the concrete roof shingle. These shingles are placed in a mold to get its desired shape and thickness.

This type of material is fire, heat, wind, and hail resistant and can be very heavy. If the house’s roof decking and support structure don’t meet the load-bearing requirement, there’s a high chance of collapsing.

Cedar Roof Shingles
With its rustic look and dream house state, houses with cedar roof shingles are definitely more valuable than houses with asphalt shingles.

Some people would use this type of shingle as accents rather than having it as their main roofing system.

Copper Roof Shingles
One of the most expensive types of metal roofing, the copper roof shingle is mostly used as an accent or trimming rather than the main roofing system.

It creates an elegant and gorgeous end result that can bring up the value of a house.

You’ve bought the house, now what?

A house’s value can go up depending on the type of material used for its roof, but if not maintained properly, you might as well start looking for a different place.

If you’ve found your dream home or found a house you can use for investment but you’re not quite sure how to go about its roofing needs, Roofing Journey’s list of expert roofing contractors can help apply preventive roof maintenance on the house you’ve chosen to ensure its quality and durability.

To access the list of roofing experts for inspections, appointments or inquiries, click here or email us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Last modified: July 22, 2019