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5 Easy Things You Can Do To Save Thousands on High Maintenance Services and Repairs

Owning, leasing, or renting a house comes with responsibilities that do not only involve indoor house chores. They also come with tiring and mundane chores, which often happen outside the house. Some of those chores are as simple as mowing the lawn or as tiring as picking the weeds out and sweeping up the leaves.

As human beings, we can’t help but overlook some of the important tasks that have to be done every now and then—and one of those, in particular, is checking up on the condition of the roof. Unfortunately, some people only realize how important this specific chore is when it’s already too late.

Leaks? Missing shingles? These are some minor damages that can be fixed when attended to right away. But what if that leak creates more damage on your roof? What if those missing shingles lead to holes on the roofing membrane?

Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself spending more on high maintenance and repairs than on the minor ones. Maybe you wouldn’t even have to spend on minor repairs if you regularly check up on your roof.

So before anything unfortunate happens, here are 5 things you can easily do to know the condition of your roof and figure out if it already needs professional attention.

Look up!

Remember to look up at least twice a year. That’s right! It’s not something you have to do every month, week, or even every day! You only have to look up twice a year, preferably before the winter season and after winter.

Make sure you get to go around the house to see if there are any gutters sticking out or if there are missing shingles here and there. Inspecting your roof before and after the harsh season can more or less give you an overall idea of the condition of your roof and help speed up the process of maintenance and repair if needed.

Clean up and watch out

Cleaning up the lawn? Maybe it’s also time to climb up and clean the roof. Clearing the roof and gutters of debris can help you spot if there’s an activity of moss and algae growth, which can detriment the quality of your roof, or check the condition of your roof shingles, gutters, and downspouts.

Trim down

Trimming down overhanging branches on your roof can also help in lessening the build-up of debris on your roof. This can also help lessen the risk of the potential damage of branches accidentally falling on your roof during storms or harsh winds.


Don’t forget to examine the flashings. Loose or damaged flashings can lead to leaks and overtime, corrode your roof. Make sure you also check the insulation and ventilation of your attic. If you feel a slight draft or notice any dark spots on your attic ceiling, it’s time to do maintenance and repair.

Reach out

If any of these sound overwhelming or if you feel like you have no idea on what to do, don’t let it stop you from reaching out to professionals.

Notice a growth of moss or algae? You can call someone who can properly and efficiently treat it for you.
Have clogged drainage? There are already different companies that offer services in cleaning it for you.
Can’t seem to go around trimming the branches? You can hire a worker to climb up and do the job easily.

Shelling out a few dollars here and there to maintain your roof and your house can actually go a long way. So the moment you notice something odd, don’t hesitate in calling up your trusted company.

Your trusted roofing company

Watching DIY videos online may seem tempting to just get the job done yourself, but if you feel uneasy patching up that small hole or fixing that broken shingle on your roof, then it’s best to contact your trusted roofing company.

Whether it’s something minor such as a broken or missing shingle, a small repair like re-caulking the flashings, or something major such as covering up the hole created by a stubborn branch or finding out what’s causing that leak, Roofing Journey can help you take care of it easily.

From doing routine inspections, applying preventive maintenance, patching up minor damages to doing major repairs, our list of expert roofing contractors can help you get the job done before you know it!

If you believe that roof needs quality maintenance or attention-to-detail repairs, click here or email us at [email protected]

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Last modified: August 8, 2019