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3 Easy Ways to Maintain the Quality of Your Roof During Autumn


The cool breeze you feel against your cheeks the moment you step out of the house is a tell-tale sign that it’s finally here. As you say goodbye to months of blistering heat in the day and pounding rain in the night, you finally get to pull out your favorite warm pieces of clothing and boots.

As the leaves gradually start changing their colors, you can also feel the slight shift of temperament of the people around you—everyone seems to be in a lighter, relaxed mood as they indulge in cinnamon-spiked drinks and apple cider.

But despite all that, you can’t seem to sit still.

You can’t exactly tell when, but you’re dreading to hear that big, loud *thump!* that will signal the death of that ominous-looking branch that seems to nestle too comfortably over your roof.

But what if you actually don’t have to “dread” for that moment?

Despite the want to relax like everyone else, autumn is actually the best time of the year to do roof maintenance before the cold days come in.

So before you kick back and watch the games, here are three easy ways that you can do to maintain the quality of your roof.

Don’t dread it. Do it.

You’ve noticed it during summer, but you’ve been hoping that the harsh winds would do the job for you. Now that it’s autumn, you have the choice to either wait for it to fall or actually do the job yourself.

That’s right, we’re talking about those branches over your roof that seem to be holding on to dear life.

And as much as it’s easy to simply ignore them, it wouldn’t be as easy if they fall harder than how you expected them to. Ignorance may be bliss, but fixing the damage on your roof isn’t.

So before any major damage is done, do yourself a favor and bring out your pole chainsaw and properly trim and discard those branches hanging over your roof. It might take a bit of your time, but you’ll thank yourself later.

If you don’t have a pole chainsaw or simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can always call a professional to come and do it for you.

Sweep it! Sweep it real good.

Before the snowfall, the leaves fall.

Seeing the colors of the leaves around you change seem very therapeutic, but sweeping them is a different story. If you find it difficult to keep your lawn, you can only imagine the number of leaves accumulating on your roof!

If left unchecked, this debris can end up clogging your gutter and drainage, which can also damage the exterior walls of your home. This build-up can also invite unwanted pests and rodents, which can be very problematic when winter comes in.

So get up! Grab a broom or a leaf blower and clean up your roof.

With all the debris blown away, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to examine the overall condition of your roof. The moment you notice something out of the ordinary, it might also be the best time to ask for professional help.

If you can’t do it, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for help.

Missing shingles? If you think you can look up online and see if you can do it yourself, be our guest. But if you notice that your flashings are damaged or you see small holes here and there, it’s best to call in professionals.

Luckily, roofing companies also find autumn as the best time to do roof maintenance. The cool weather makes it easier for them to work during the day and not worry about slipping on wet snow.

If you’re also thinking of preparing your roof for the winter, having a professional inspect and repair the damages on your roof is better than the DIY’s you see online. Roofing companies can also recommend preventive care services that can help maintain the quality of your roof during the winter.

Of course, these can quite cost more than you want them to, but it can definitely help prolong the life expectancy of your roof.

Get instant access to roofing experts today!

We understand how difficult it is to consistently maintain the condition of your roof especially when all you want to do is relax and spend your time doing what you want to do.

This is why Roofing Journey made it a point to collect a list of expert quality roofing contractors you can trust.

We’ve personally vetted these expert roofing contractors, so we can guarantee the highest possible quality of service for your roofing needs, that no matter what season you find yourself in, you can rest assured that you and your family will stay warm and dry all year long.

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Last modified: July 22, 2019